John Paul Padilla
Children’s Book Author Teasing & Anti-Bullying
Hello everyone, my name is John Paul Padilla. I am a self-published book author, writer, and public speaker against teasing and bullying. As a child, I was once teased and bullied because of my ears and it sure made me feel insecure about my looks, all the way through my high school years. I know from experience how it feels to feel alone, unwanted, and even different from the rest. Looking at me now, full of poise and eloquence, who would have guessed that I once was a shy, loner or an easy target for others to pick on while growing up? Now I am a confident man that speaks passionately about my efforts to help children who may be experiencing the same problems growing up as I once did. As a child, I was teased and bullied because of my big ears and still remember how the bullying made me feel alone, unwanted, and insecure. My childhood was not perfect in any way, shape or form, so when I was eighteen, I had surgery in my ears and it was at that turning point in my life that I decided to follow my own dreams to develop confidence without being bothered by what people said.

I changed a bad experience from my past into something positive and now, I am the author of an inspirational poetry book for adults, called Wings to Cross an Ocean, and two award-winning children’s books featuring my character Johnny Big-Ears. In Johnny Big-Ears, the Feel Good Friend, and Johnny Big-Ears Meets His New Neighbor Suzy, I used my own childhood experiences to teach children how to deal with teasing and bullying, and how to accept others and love themselves more. I decided to combine my love for writing and love of children. I came up with the Johnny Big-Ear’s character based on my life. The special names of the rest of the characters are simply nicknames. These names are based on kids’ unique attributes that make them all stand out and quite special. My children’s books are geared to children ages 4 to 10, are fully illustrated and come with a questionnaire, and special diagram. And recently, Johnny Big-Ears, the book is now out as a Spanish Edition. Bullies are not born; they are made from what they see happening in their environment. If parents teach their kids tolerance and love for themselves no matter who they are or how they look, they will be more secure and happier kids who won’t want to tease others. You put out to others what you feel inside and if kids are brought up in a hostile environment, you can’t expect them to be perfect angels. ‘Everyone deserves to be treated with respect and allowed to live in peace and harmony. We all need to be assured and told that no matter who we are or how we look; we are all special and loved. Being different should not be something to be ashamed about but something that you should welcome and make you feel happy about because through your own unique appearance, you stand out from everyone else in the world.’ I thank you all for your time and for visiting my page. Feel free to check out my website and contact me, if you have any questions! You are special, no matter who you are!  So always have the courage to be you and I will be myself Best Wishes… John Paul

John Paul’s Personal Video Collection, including Johnny Big Ears Trailer

Help Stop Bullying!!

John Paul Padilla has been volunteering his time, talent, and energy by helping kids in the Central Valley of California know about his message about saying, " No to teasing and bullying, " over 9 years now, let's him do more for our children and get his bullying message get across more schools, cities, and states by donating to his worthy cause.

The Padilla Goldworks Bullying Foundation 

Thank you so very much for your generosity. I'll be happy to send you a receipt for your taxes if you contact me.

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