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johnny-midJohnny Big-Ears is normal. He is just like every other five-year-old child, except for the one thing that makes him stand out from the rest: he has very big ears. For the first time in his life he is getting ready to go to school, and while he will learn many new things, he must also face the challenges that being different from the rest of the kids in Kindergarten. When his loving mom gives him a haircut to make him look good for school, he suddenly realizes why he is nick- named Johnny Big-Ears. After having his curly hair cut short, Johnny sees himself in the mirror—as he really is. He wonders how other kids at school will react when they meet him for the first time. Will they tease him or accept him? What will Johnny Big-Ears do once he is confronted with kids who are not so nice? Let’s find out why he comes out being a winner, while at the same time, teaching us that …it’s okay to be just how we are.  

suzy-midSuzy Chunkles is a beautiful little girl, but she feels self-conscious about her looks because she is overweight. In her old town people teased her. Now that she has moved to a new town, she is worried she will be teased again. Suzy wishes she could be more like her happy, energetic little sister. Suzy is about to meet Johnny Big-Ears for the first time. He will teach her that not all kids are mean. Suzy will also meet other little girls, who are not so nice and sweet. Follow Suzy and Johnny Big-Ears and see what challenges they face as they teach others how to deal with teasing and bullying!


wings-modWings to Cross an Ocean, John Paul Padilla’s new collection of inspirational essays, is a celebration of courage and hope. With unflagging kindness, Padilla reaches out to everyone who has ever lost faith or been discouraged by life. Padilla writes warmly of his personal experiences, and his vision for the world; this is a work of simple eloquence that is both heartening and enlightening. Padilla finds illumination in the everyday experiences of life; his book resonates with an infectious happiness every moment is worth treasuring, and every day brings a new lesson of faith and joy. From a heartfelt profession of devotion to his mother to the smallest act of courage it takes to brighten the world, Wings to Cross an Ocean inspires even as it teaches. Padilla has carefully crafted a series of exhortations: to live, to find great pleasure in life, and to listen to ourselves and the world around us. Whether striving to reach the stars, or striving to get out of bed in the morning, Wings to Cross an Ocean carries an invaluable message of love and optimism for everyone.