Wings to Cross an Ocean


Wings to Cross an Ocean, John Paul Padilla’s new collection of inspirational essays, is a celebration of courage and hope. With unflagging kindness, Padilla reaches out to everyone who has ever lost faith or been discouraged by life. Padilla writes warmly of his personal experiences, and his vision for the world; this is a work of simple eloquence that is both heartening and enlightening. Padilla finds illumination in the everyday experiences of life; his book resonates with an infectious happiness every moment is worth treasuring, and every day brings a new lesson of faith and joy. From a heartfelt profession of devotion to his mother to the smallest act of courage it takes to brighten the world, Wings to Cross an Ocean inspires even as it teaches. Padilla has carefully crafted a series of exhortations: to live, to find great pleasure in life, and to listen to ourselves and the world around us. Whether striving to reach the stars, or striving to get out of bed in the morning, Wings to Cross an Ocean carries an invaluable message of love and optimism for everyone.



194 Pages Poetry Book
Prose, Essays, Inspirational Poetry
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Help Stop Bullying!!

John Paul Padilla has been volunteering his time, talent, and energy by helping kids in the Central Valley of California know about his message about saying, " No to teasing and bullying, " over 9 years now, let's him do more for our children and get his bullying message get across more schools, cities, and states by donating to his worthy cause.

The Padilla Goldworks Bullying Foundation 


Thank you so very much for your generosity. I'll be happy to send you a receipt for your taxes if you contact me.