Johnny Big Ears


Johnny Big-Ears is normal. He is just like every other five-year-old child, except for the one thing that makes him stand out from the rest: he has very big ears. For the first time in his life he is getting ready to go to school, and while he will learn many new things, he must also face the challenges that being different from the rest of the kids in Kindergarten. When his loving mom gives him a haircut to make him look good for school, he suddenly realizes why he is nick- named Johnny Big-Ears. After having his curly hair cut short, Johnny sees himself in the mirror—as he really is. He wonders how other kids at school will react when they meet him for the first time. Will they tease him or accept him? What will Johnny Big-Ears do once he is confronted with kids who are not so nice? Let’s find out why he comes out being a winner, while at the same time, teaching us that …it’s okay to be just how we are.

11 x 8.5  sized book
40 Pages, Fully illustrated
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Help Stop Bullying!!

John Paul Padilla has been volunteering his time, talent, and energy by helping kids in the Central Valley of California know about his message about saying, " No to teasing and bullying, " over 9 years now, let's him do more for our children and get his bullying message get across more schools, cities, and states by donating to his worthy cause.

The Padilla Goldworks Bullying Foundation 


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